How It Works


So, you've watched the video and have a pretty good idea of how Vehitrade works. Then its time to get excited!!

"I want to find my new ride"

Click Search for Matches to get started.  The entire process entering your search criteria should take no longer than 3 minutes.

1) Once logged in, if you have a trade or just ready to find your next ride just clink on the link above the video. Remember, the more details in your search, the more accurate the matching results.
2) Enter up to three different vehicles you are interested in purchasing or just to go checkout in person. The more general your search, the more results. You can be as specific as you wish (e.g. 2011 Honda Civic coupe - blue, under 70,000 miles) which will lead to a more accurate representation of your ideal trade, but results will be more limited.
3) As a shopper, we give you the tools to be in full control. Choose how you wish to be contacted. Email, phone, or text. You choose. you can opt out at any time.
5) Talk directly to the dealerships that have your chosen selections. Discuss condition and negotiate terms. Meet, test drive, and bring your new vehicle home. It's that easy! (HINT - all the dealers in your search zone understand that they are not the only ones competing for your business) Powerful tool that gives you the upper hand.

"I dont want to be hassled by dealers"

By using our search technology you are in full control. So if your search results are limited and not what you desire just simply opt out and refine your search (if needed). Dealers will not contact you unless they have what you have requested. Our Certified Vehitrade Dealers have pledged this to Vehitrade. All dealers are required a course in how to use our service that was made to promote happy customers! If ever displeased we greatly appreciate feedback.




Yes! The internet is full of great car shopping sites. They all provide great useful information and we encourage the use of these sites to make sure that you get the best deals out there. Our unique site was developed to get all quality dealers signed up in all areas at very affordable terms. Always to be free to consumers. We do not list cars on our site. No pretty pictures here. Dealers will supply whatever view and info needed. We are straight to the point - the final stop. No reason to spend hours upon hours to search through thousands of photos. Life is way to short. We simply ask that after you have finished all your research on the internet and have narrowed your selection (even down to price) to visit Vehitrade. Enter the info and then make the dealerships search their inventory in real time to make a connection. Essentially a battle between dealers. This approach creates urgency and competiveness between dealers which in return is very beneficial to the consumer. In the auto industry inventory turns quickly. Dealers sometimes have outdated inventory listed on their websites (no matter how hard they try to keep current) and other car search sites may be in the same position. Its hard to keep all in real time. Also some (many) dealers do not advertise with other sites just like some may not be available with Vehitrade. Our approach is to gather as many dealers as we can through keeping their advertsing cost way down and creating an enviroment which they wish to participate in. We are huge steps above a lead generator. We are connecting consumers in REAL TIME with dealers. This is very valuable to both parties. CREATES A REAL TIME SENSE OF URGENCY - ALL WHILE MAKING SURE YOU DONT MISS OUT ON A CAR THAT JUST GOT UNLOADED OFF THE TRANSPORTER OR WAS JUST  GOT TRADED IN A FEW MINUTES AGO. It is simply a WIN-WIN situation for both parties. Dealers do not pay us if they sale you a car. We keep our cost down as a way to sign on more dealers to better serve the public. They simply pay a small monthly access fee, BUT must be approved and go through our certification process. We fill as we continue to grow throughout the United States that this basic, but powerful way to save time and money will be the fastest, most effective way to automobile shop in the future. Go ahead, try it and you will see. Again you can opt out through us or with any dealers you choose not to deal with. Your emails always allow you to opt out and plus you may also do here through our site. No worries. No soliciting from dealers for unwanted business. You control how you wish to be connected. No real personal information is required to submit your search. We keep it as simple as possible and keep you in control at all times. Try us today and enjoy your next ride! Vehitrade- CAR SHOPPING REDEFINED!

"I have want a motorcycle/boat and wish to search?"

We are in the process of adding motorcycles/boats as a vehicle trading type. Stay tuned, it's in the works! Vehitrade has your back...

"I have a question. How do I contact you?"

Click the Contact Us page and we'll respond within 24 hrs ( Monday - Friday 8am-6pm PST). To keep our overhead costs down our customer service is limited to email.  We rely solely on advertising revenue and referrals from you :-)