Visitor Agreement

Vehitrade, LLC (a.k.a. Vehitrade) is a NEW EASY WAY to find your next dream ride and never miss out again.  Information about a particular vehicle is supplied by the dealers directly, not by Vehitrade.  All terms of any sale or trade remain subject to direct negotiation between the vehicle owners themselves, and not Vehitrade.  Therefore, we can't verify the information that owners supply or guarantee the vehicles they offer.  Remember, you can opt out at any time and also report directly to Vehitrade through the contact us page to report any dealers that you feel may be unsatisfactory in dealing with. We will then directly address any issues to provide a better service to the consumer. (YOU)

Although we do not require any in-depth personal information to navigate and to use the free search features of our website, to fully use the features of Vehitrade we require you to provide information about yourself, such as your name, zip code, email address and/or phone number.  We will not sell or supply any of this personal information to any third party except for what you have consented to by reading and clicking the TERMS AND CONDITION PAGE prior to your search.

When you search for a vehicle that you wish to find in your chosen area. We ask for information on the vehicle (e.g. year, type, zip code, etc.) and on how you can be contacted by potential vehicle seller (i.e. phone number and email address).  In addition, to search for matches, visitors need to provide limited information about themselves and their interests so that we can best match vehicles that are currently available. For example, to help you find the vehicle you want to purchase or trade for within your specified zip code radius, we need to know specifics on the type of vehicle you are looking for and your zip code. We ask you to provide this information when you perform a search.

  Vehitrade ensures information we gather on our website is stored in a secure manner.  Even though the consumer use is free the dealers may provide credit card information this is always secured for transmission over the Internet using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. While we work hard to protect your privacy, no physical or electronic security system is impenetrable, or invulnerable to attack, including your own, and the ones used to transmit your data to us. We cannot and do not guarantee that our systems, or your information, will be secure. Any dealer information links (websites, phone, etc.) that you provide is displayed on our website that is seen by anyone you uses our site.  Please use common sense (consumer and dealer) and do NOT supply any credit card information over the phone or from unwanted solicitation. REPORT any suspicious issues directly with us and we will investigate in any way that we can, but we cannot be held liable for consumers not using good judgement when dealing with sellers. Use our CONTACT US link for any issues or questions in regards to any of these terms.